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April 23, 2015

North American Map Patrol El Camino Del Diablo & Southern Traverse, Arizona

456.0 km

If you're searching for an exciting adventure along the border, look no further. El Camino del Diablo (The Road of the Devil) runs along the southernmost portion of Arizona through some of the largest best preserved sections of sonoran desert in the U.S.. Saguaro cacti line the road and spread to the horizon in every direction, deep sand washes and dry lake beds make for fast and dusty fun, and fields of lava rock feel apocalyptic as you wander through their barren expanses. Throughout the trip history unfolds before you telling the tale of mankind's struggle in the region. From the vital native american footpaths and water tanks which made survival possible, to the homesteads and gold mines of those seeking wealth, to the numerous graves of the sonoran's victims, all are seen along the way. If you love deserts, this is a trip for you.
The track runs between Ajo Arizon and Yuma Arizona through the Barry M. Goldwater Range, the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, and the Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge. Three days minimum are recommended for the trip, during which time you're required to be completely self sufficient as there are no supplies along the way. Four-wheel drive is required, however most of the trail is easy with only a few moderately difficult sections.
WARNING - detailed planning and advanced preparation is ESSENTIAL for this track. Permits are required for many sections and every person planning to attend must visit a BLM or Yuma Range office for training, waivers, and safety information before entering the area. Besides the inherent risk of remote travel in extreme temperatures, El Camino del Diablo has no potable water, crosses through active military bombing ranges, contains unexploded ordinance, heavy illegal immigration and smuggling traffic, abandoned mine shafts, and some very deadly wildlife. This is a trip for those well experienced in back country travel only.

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