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Geo Centre and Geosurveyors Hill 27/07/2017 12:18:51 PM Aug 21, 2017

Well..we did it too! Vehicles: Us: ’06 100 series TDA Toyota Landcruiser Our follower was our 2012 Track Trailer Tvan My brother: 2015 200 series TDA Landcruiser Our route: Coober Pedy.. Kulgera… Old Andado Station… Mac Clarke Reserve Madigan Camps 1, 1a and 2 Colson Track ..cross country to: Geosurveyor’s Hill Cross country again to: The Geographical Centre of the Simpson Desert Then: Cross country again (a defined track now!) French Line Knolls Track Rig Road Warburton Track Birdsville Track For all the detail geeks out there, I’ve put down some facts and figures for you. Day 1 After John rested from a serious bout of “man flue”, we left Coober Pedy and headed to Kulgera Distance: 410kms.. Fuel: 134 Litres… Price: $1.50/l 17 L/100 Tyres: F. 30lb B. 35 Tvan. 24 Our first camp was just out of Kulgera by a dry creek bed. Bogan fleas (nasty prickles) everywhere, but good, plentiful wood. Day 2 From Kulgera to west of Mac Clarke reserve, Via Old Andado Station. Distance: 280km from Kulgera Camped off the road between Old Andado and Mac Clarke Reserve Day 3 To Mac Clarke Reserve, Madigan Camps 1, 1a &2, to The Colson Track. 40kms from the Madigan/ Colson track intersection, to our turn off to Geosurveyor’s Hill. We photographed and passed all the obligatory abandoned fuel / oil drums shot line pegs and “points of interest” Distance: 400km From Kulgera There were some serious dunes which required a wide range of tyre pressures throughout the day. We rocked, rolled, landscaped dunes, inflated and deflated our tyres all day Tyre pressures were ranging from: F 25lb … B 32 lb …Tvan: 18 TO F 12 lb … B 17 lb … Tvan 12 lb We only managed 60 kms that day… Day 4 460 kms from Kulgera We put 40 litres of fuel in the car..from our total of 60 l we were carrying in the Tvan. (keeping 20 portable litres as a reserve supply) We were following some very vague tyre impressions once we left the Colson, which disappeared on a few occasions. Overall, the 1 month old route we followed was visible enough.With some crazy dune approaches, sharp twists and turns of the faded track, we sometimes decided there was a better route up the dunes.There wasn’t any flat ground on this section of the track, so when we climbed a difficult dune, we decided it was the best spot to stay for the night!!!!We only did 32kms that day. Once again, looking at and photographing all the obligatory fuel dumps and drums…and the odd action shot of our “duning” Not once did we get bogged, or lose traction. We picked up shovels..filled in some holes and tyre abuse on the track we were to climb, dropped our tyre pressures and got up without any trouble. Day 5 492 kms from Kulgera Started our tyre pressures that day at: F. 16 …B. 22…Tvan 12 Some really big dunes and a fair bit of landscaping today.We only managed 40kms that day, averaging 4km/hour.Some of the tracks we were following began to really wobble around and over the dunes, so a few better selections were taken that day again tooWe sighted the pimple in the distance from atop of a large dune and headed for the prize.Enjoying a beverage on top of Geosurveyor’s Hill and taking the obligatory photoshoot, we sighed and headed south! Our camp was south of Geo SH Day 6 531kms From Kulgera Tyres: F 13 lb…R 19 lb…Tvan 12 lb Heading south To the Geocentre today..lots of dune crossings , some W-E..a few switching back E-W. We only managed 68kms today.We thought it would be easier now that we were heading south..not really. The faint tracks were off in a different direction once we had left GSH, so we followed a bit more used track.Once again, a few routes previous travellers had taken, were a little “unusual” and not the easiest route they could have taken..so we made a couple of small side tracks. We reached the Geocentre, signed the book, looked at the tower and it’s ornaments and took the obligatory pictures……And sighed again!....We followed a now well-defined track, which ran along and top of the edge of the dunes. We made camp, where there was a flat spot AND some wood! Day 7 599kms from Kulgera We put in a big day today.One particularly obscure dune approach needed a serious reconsideration.With no room to position ourselves to cross this dune and no inclinations to re position the whole dune, we cleared and smoothed out another approach, which we climbed easily.This dune was more obnoxious though. It had yet another level to scale.So John did a loop on the lower level of the dune and once again, took a straighter route up the final distance. Tyres down to: F 12…B 18…Tvan 12 Over this dune was a grove of gidgee trees, where John re- inflated the tyres a little. By now, we were on the home run to the French Line. My brother had headed south east (just left of the track we were following), to see if he could find a better way.At one point, we got a little “lost”, but discovered a fuel drum lying along a shot line on top of another dune. Of course..photographed it! Eventually we both met up